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What is coaching?
Simply put, when you hire a business coach at Coaching for Success you build a relationship with someone whose sole aim is to help you get what you want. Our expertise is in coaching psychology: we are dedicated to helping you be at your best in terms of how you need to think, how you need to react and how you need to behave to achieve a goal.

Do I need a coach?
We don't believe anyone ‘needs' a coach (like you might need a doctor or a plumber) but we do know that successful people know how to ‘use' a coach: almost as another resource or tool to help them continue to achieve. There are many benefits to using a coach to help you achieve your goals (see below).

Things are going well so why do I need a business coach?
Why is it that when an elite athlete is performing well and winning event after event we expect them to be spending a lot of time with their coach but when it comes to business or life in general we stand that idea on its head and wait until we have a problem?

A common tendency of us all is to spend time thinking through what we did badly when things go wrong, hopefully so we can learn and improve. However, few of us naturally spend the same amount of time thinking through what we are doing well when things are going smoothly. If we don't identify and monitor our strengths how can we make sure things will keep going well?

We'll keep you focused and in control all the time.

How will my business benefit when I hire a coach?
In short, the business performance will improve as your own performance improves. Key business benefits are:

  • Effective, inspirational leadership
  • Focused people
  • Culture change
  • Performance excellence
  • Increased turnover, reduced costs and improved margins

How will I benefit from Leadership Coaching?
Your coach will ensure that you set clear goals for your leadership aspirations and then stay focused on them with continual challenge and encouragement. Whether you start by measuring yourself against your company's leadership competency framework or with a general desire to ‘be a better leader', the typical benefits of Leadership Coaching are:

  • A clearer vision of the desired future
  • More confidence in your abilities
  • A more inspirational style
  • A clear understanding of how your leadership is viewed by 'followers' (using 360° feedback you are in control of)
  • More confidence in your decisions

How will I benefit from management coaching?
Just some of the ways in which our clients tell us they feel their management performance has improved are:

  • Having a clearer vision for the business
  • Making more confident decisions
  • Developing more productive relationships with colleagues
  • Better coping with pressure (reduced stress)
  • Developing a more optimistic thinking style

All these improvements will of course translate into various business outputs such as increased turnover, reduced costs and bottom line increases.

What would Career Coaching do for me?
Managing a career is like managing anything; you have a vision, you set goals to achive that vision and you manage the plan through taking actions, reacting to events outside your control, adjusting the plan and continuing to learn. A career coach will use their expertise to keep you focused on being at your best throughout, including:

  • Deciding for yourself what's right for you in the long term
  • Performing at interview and in the role
  • Regularly reflecting on your performance - including when things are going well (how can you maintain your success if you don't know what your current success factors are?)

If being successful in my business is to simply set some goals, take the action and review my results then what is the point of employing a coach?
If you actually DO all those things then you may have less use for a coach. There are still two benefits of using a coach though:

  • A professional coach has the special skills to help you set goals that are right for you, have more attention-holding power and are more likely to be achieved. It's how you do the goal setting that counts!
  • Most people don't actually do what they promise themselves they will do. A coach is there to keep you focused on what you commit to!

I am really confused about what the differences are between counsellors, trainers, mentors and coaches. How can you put it very simply for me to grasp the differences?
You're not alone! Since we began coaching over 15 years ago many different approaches to coaching have developed as the profession has attracted people from different backgrounds.

In our (humble) opinion the differences are:

  • Counselling/Therapy
    Coaching is goal/achievement focused. So, when a new client knocks on the door a counsellor probably wonders “what their problem is" whereas we wonder “what they want to achieve".
  • Trainers
    The difference between knowing HOW TO do something and actually doing it well is enormous. Trainers have some knowledge or skill you don't (or believe you don't) and want to teach you how to do something. Coaching is focused on performance – doing something to your best ability to achieve a goal. If we know something you don't we'll tell you, but that's only a small part of the equation.
  • Mentors
    Rather like a trainer a mentor has some expertise, based on personal experience that they wish to pass on to you. They've been there, done that, and got the T shirt. The mentor's input can be very useful but again, is only part of the equation. A coach will help you capitalise on the mentor's experience to help you either translate it into your own performance or even decide to reject it in favour of ‘doing it your own way'!

How frequent are coaching sessions?
Really that's up to you, within some suggested boundaries. A lot depends on the goals you're focused on and how quickly you move towards them. All sessions end with agreed actions and some actions take longer than others. However, in our experience, there is rarely need for meeting more than once per month, although frequent telephone contact is encouraged.

As a Coach, are you able to get me everything I want in my life?
In the words of David Brailsford CBE (British Cycling Performance Director), coaches don't win medals - only the cyclists do. A coach will do everything possible to facilitate your success but in the end taking total responsibility for your own performance is part of the success formula.