About Mike Duckett

Mike has a degree in psychology and is a member of the Occupational Psychology division, the Sports Psychology division & the Coaching Psychology Special Group of the British Psychological Society. He holds a diploma in Hypnotherapy & Cognitive therapy and is a certified NLP Coach.

He has over 23 years sales and marketing experience at senior management level (mainly in the pharmaceutical industry) which means that he is able to quickly empathise with career pressures and aspirations while having the expertise to stimulate individuals to break through their own 'glass ceilings'.

As a certified NLP Coach and ANLP Accredited Master Practitioner, Mike has clients ranging from Chairmen & C.E.O.s through board directors to key operational staff within organisations from a broad cross section of industry sectors including pharmaceutical, IT, construction, Facilities Management etc; in Europe, South Africa, and the U.S.